From snow capped mountain / hill peaks to gorgeous beaches, South America is a region of energetic cities. Various of them are the points of entry or capitals with regard to their respective nations, but they also contain something particular all of their own. Be it a sense of background culture, or maybe a rambunctious nightlife scene, the cities of South America happen to be worth a visit for any traveller.

Mejores Aires

Sprawling and sophisticated, Mejores Aires is one of the most significant South American cities. 2 weeks . cosmopolitan city that still has a neighborhood experience across the various barrios, making it an easy place to sightsee, shop, and dance the sensual tango.


Easily probably the most popular Southern American towns, Rio is a destination that is hard to ignore. Vibrant festivals, pristine beaches, and dramatic topography make it a top rated destination for travelers. It can not just about the beach locations, though — this wonderful city houses a historic center filled up with gorgeous church buildings and plazas. Plus, it’s got the enormous Christ the Redeemer taking a stand tall above all the scenery.


South America’s cosmopolitan capital, Santiago has a great deal to do. Skyscrapers practically intertwine when using the Andes Mountain range, and guests may stroll through historic plazas and the high end shopping district of Bellavista. Also you can explore museums that show off art through the pre-Colombian period through to contemporary.

Top South American Cities

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